Money matters advice and guidance

Helping you to understand and analyze your finances and your financial opportunities.

Money Matters

Money matters helps you to understand and analyze your finances and your financial opportunities.

In this difficult economy, it is even more important to manage your finances carefully. The decisions you make now, from choosing which utilities provider to use or to budget effectively, may have huge implications on the amount of money that you have to spend. The information in this section is designed to help you make choices with how you spend and save your money.

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We also hold financial education sessions. Why not consider attending one of the friendly informal sessions?

For further information on times and dates see our events section.

The informal sessions, funded by the Big Lottery, are designed to give practical ideas to help manage your money,maximise your income and suggest ways to reduce spending.

They are delivered in groups of up to 12 people and are an opportunity for residents to meet and work together to develop skills in managing money through practical activities and shared learning.

The sessions have been running successfully since November.

Middlesbrough resident Mavis Vidamour attended several sessions including "Shopping on a budget" and found them very useful.

She said: "What a great time we had, everyone should come to one. It was really eyeopening, I learnt a lot of tips I didn't know."

Ali Blakey said: "These are small, friendly sessions, we are not there to manage your money for you but to offer ideas and we won't ask you for any personal information."

Ali is available to deliver to groups which are already meeting and who would like to manage their money better.

Anyone who lives in Middlesbrough can attend future sessions.

To book a session or for more information contact Ali Blakey 

While your here, why not try our new MoneySmartApp to help with budgeting and daily living expenses.



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