Campaigning for change

The Middlesbrough Advice Partnership (MAP) is a new partnership led by Middlesbrough Citizens Advice Bureau and funded by the Big Lotteries Advice Services Transition Fund. It aims to bring the advice services sector together in Middlesbrough to more effectively help Middlesbrough residents.

Middlesbrough Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK Teesside, Cleveland Housing & Advice Centre (CIO) and Thirteen Group (Tandem) are working in partnership to deliver a project with challenging targets.

Over the course of the partnership, it is hoped to deliver face to face advice to 3000 people via Community outreach sessions, 3000 people will attend financial education sessions, 6000 people will have received educational information and Middlesbrough residents will have access to a new partnership website providing advice by e mail.

The partnership is also tasked with the provision of 6 social policy/impact papers throughout the course of the project.

Since the introduction of welfare reform, advice agencies in Middlesbrough have seen an increased demand for their services and an increase in both poverty and debt.

Middlesbrough needs to become a fair and affordable place for all in order to avoid these issues. To do this, we need to improve on the current access to information and advice in Middlesbrough, as well as campaigning on issues affecting the clients that access our services.

As a result of all these things, The Middlesbrough Advice Partnership has agreed a plan for developing social policy within the terms and scope of the project. There will be two elements to the social policy work.

The first area being the more traditional campaigning element which looks into specific policies and how they affect our clients lives.

The second looking at the impact advice has had on our client’s lives and other agencies. This can be used to demonstrate the value of our services and how working in partnership has improved advice provision within Middlesbrough, to future or alternative funders.

This document lays out the aim of the social policy work, the first set of objectives and the plans to achieve them.

The following represents a summary of, and basis for, work on social policy within the scope of the project.

  • We are committed to producing 6 social policy/ impact reports over the life of the project.
  • The issues we address should be issues that are of concern to a wide range of people and organisations.


Possible issues include:

  • aspects of the welfare reforms
  • aspects of debt and financial management
  • Issues facing particular groups (which could be defined by, for example, location, ethnicity/nationality, age, illness or disability).


Reports will be issued and available to the wider general public upon completion.

You can get further information on the campaigning work carried out nationally by Citizens Advice here



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